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Bondal Shore Ltd is a Fund Distribution Company established in 2003 to promote and globally distribute new and existing alternative investment options.

About Us

About Bondal Shore Ltd

Bondal Shore Limited is a Fund Distribution Company established in 2003 to promote and distribute globally, both new and existing alternative investment funds.

Our services are suitable for retail and institutional clients providing a professional and efficient service offering a select range of funds primarily biased towards low volatility, low risk, combined with a proven transparent positive track record.

Bondal Shore Limited provide independent investment solutions to professional advisors to suit their clients portfolio preferences.


Investment Portfolio

Investment Portfolio

Montreux Healthcare Fund 

The Montreux Healthcare Fund PLC is a QIF domiciled in the Isle of Man. The Fund seeks to capitalise on demographic trends in the UK through the strategic purchasing of affluent care business which care for people with specialist care needs in areas where a supply/demand imbalance has been identified. The Fund’s NAV is calculated monthly independently of Montreux Capital Management (UK) by SMP Partners Ltd. 

A growing UK population with increasing propensity towards incidents that trigger injuries or conditions which require long term specialist care. Specialist Care provision predominantly paid for by UK Government with additional income streams from large insurers. 

Demonstrably low correlation to equities, bonds, and wider property markets. 

The MHCF is not a property Fund. Valuations based on multiple of EBITDA as opposed to Bricks and mortar

EPF Equity Power Fund 

The objective of EPF is to generate attractive returns irrespective of market conditions by offering financing but only with an expert understanding of the targeted markets.

  • EPF will provide an attractive yield to investors secured by assets.
  • Assets typically possess low depreciation or risk offering a solid collateral base for investors. 
  • Experienced team for sourcing Profit Participation Loans. (PPL’s) Fully transparent fund, with no black boxes.
  • Fully regulated structure domiciled in Luxembourg. 
  • Forecast 10-12% annual returns.  Monthly liquidity for investors.  

Sturgeon Capital Fund 

The Sturgeon Central Asia Equities Fund a weekly traded Luxembourg UCITS IV Fund provides both retail and institutional investors alike with access to the deep value, high growth opportunities across the listed equity universe of Central Asian markets.

Often over-looked by mainstream investment analysts, the region includes Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia. Largely untapped and undiscovered, Central Asia is awash natural resources, and is ideally situated, geographically next door to the 3+ billion consumers in the booming markets of Emerging Asia.

Sturgeon Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated as an Investment Manager by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

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